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James Q. Eddy Jr Susanville, CA


In my earlier bio I tried to describe a little about who I am and what I like to photograph. I debated whether any further information was necessary to describe me. Giving it more thought I suppose it is important to tell more of my story.

In March 2008 I was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Shortly before that I hemorrhaged in my eyes causing small blind spots in both. I spent a good part of that year in and out of the hospital receiving treatments.

Today I am in remission and doing well. I still have blind spots that cause some difficulty in seeing. I have heard it said that going through something like that makes you see life a little differently. Although I had a pretty good outlook about life, I do see things differently today, both in a more spiritual sense and in a real physical sense.

I bought my first semi-professional DSLR camera in September 2009 and began a wonderful new journey. I have spent the years since then learning the art of photography and am constantly learning the techniques to taking better pictures. As an artist with a camera, I really enjoy the outdoors. I love the smell of the pine trees in the forest, the desert after a light rain, the salt air of the ocean and the fragrance of the flowers in an English tea garden. A sunrise or sunset in any of these places can be magical. I hope that what I photograph will please those that view it. My desire is that some might even be inspired by what I see and how I choose to let the camera capture it.

In the New Testament The Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:21 that to live is Christ and to die is gain. While I am here I will have my camera with me to capture what I see until that day.

To those that are going through similar circumstances or have someone close to you that is, you are not alone. Feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to.

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Cathedral Rock Panorama by James Eddy


Rhyolite Bank At Sunset by James Eddy


Rock On A Red Window by James Eddy


Morning Light On The Hanalei Pier by James Eddy


The Path Back Home by James Eddy


Hanalei Valley Taro Fields by James Eddy


The Sunset Years Of The Mary D. Hume by James Eddy


A Deer In The Redwoods by James Eddy


Calm Masts by James Eddy


Boats And Masts by James Eddy


Posts On The Shore by James Eddy


Yaquina Bay Bridge Black And White by James Eddy


Yaquina Bay Bridge At Night by James Eddy


Autumn Barn At Thompson Peak by James Eddy


At Home In The Clouds by James Eddy


Bali Hai Sunset by James Eddy


Hanalei Pier Sunset Panorama by James Eddy


Snorkeling In Maui by James Eddy


Old Caboose At Rhyolite by James Eddy


Mount Lassen Reflections Panorama by James Eddy


A Path In Kaanapali by James Eddy


Two Chairs And An Umbrella by James Eddy


Springtime In The Superstition Mountains by James Eddy


Red Dirt And Cactus In Sedona by James Eddy


Sedona Afternoon by James Eddy


Autumn At Mount Lassen by James Eddy


Volcanic Spring by James Eddy


First Flowers On North Table Mountain by James Eddy


Spring On North Table Mountain by James Eddy


Reflections At London Bridge by James Eddy


Newport Harbor by James Eddy


Hotel Connor by James Eddy


Lotsa Tulips by James Eddy


Never Give Up by James Eddy


One Hydrant - Too Many Dogs by James Eddy


Abstract Hydrant by James Eddy


Tuxedo Hydrant by James Eddy


Dalmation Hydrant by James Eddy


Hydrant Number One by James Eddy


Colorful Stairs by James Eddy


Red Brick And Window by James Eddy


Covered Bridge Window by James Eddy


Sycamore Reflections by James Eddy


Buoys At The Crab Shack by James Eddy


Shelter Cove by James Eddy


Evening Light On An Old Cabin by James Eddy


The Road To Sedona by James Eddy


Grand Canyon Wall by James Eddy